We know we expect the Ideal and hard to achieve, but so are our goals and targets.

We understand that our development is an ongoing process every day and are willing to work along with our team members to improve on our shortcomings.

What we look for in our team members?
  1. Creative thinking out of the box.
  2. Eye for details while focusing on the larger picture
  3. Quick learner with a passion to learning new skills & knowledge
  4. Confident Go-getter to achieve challenging goals
  5. Open minded, Positive and keen to do cross functions as needed, enjoying them as opportunities to broaden the skill set and not feeling overburdened
  6. Team player putting others before self
  7. Disciplined & ethical with a high level of commitment·
  8. Self-driven hardworking person oozing with enthusiasm and passion.
What do we offer?
  1. You form a core team that builds an organization nurturing budding startups.
  2. You will have all the freedom to learn, experiment and arrive at Processes and Strategies to achieve the goals.
  3. Working along with a Team player CEO with rich industry experience of 40 years / global connects and dedicated to mentor/train the team.
  4. Compensation as per industry standard.
  5. Performance dependent Hi-Growth in an exploding world of Startups & incubation